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Welcome to the Hendrickson Lab! We work on the evolution of bacteria.

Bacteria rule the planet. In the Hendrickson lab at Massey University we study these puppet masters using a combination of bacterial genomics, cell biology and genetics. The DNA is not only the centerpiece of processes like replication and segregation but it is a historical record of past events and selection. We are interested in piecing together how these processes are intimately connected and showing how the trace of events in the DNA molecule can be utilized to learn about basic biology.  For more on specific projects see the tabs to the left of head to the Research page.

Projects at the Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences:

In addition to extending my work regarding the relationship between replication, segregation and genome sequences. I am also collaborating with Prof. Paul Rainey on an on-going "Evolution of Cell Shape" project. I have worked previously and maintain an active interest in Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT), chromosome architecture, bacteriophages and pathogen evolution. You can find links to this previous work on my Publications page.

I am also actively involved in a lot science communication work. You can find links to videos, articles and recordings on the Science Communication page or check out my blog on Wordpress at "This Microbial Life".